Meet new crew member Sarah Tolcser (a.k.a. Swashbuckling Sal)

Meet new crew member Sara Tolcser (a.k.a. Swashbuckling Sal) on the YA Buccaneers >>>

Today, you get to meet new crew member Sarah Tolcser! Before I share her video interview, here's a little more about Sarah:

Sarah first learned to sail on the lakes of the Adirondacks, but after graduating from St. Lawrence University, she hoisted anchor and was off to southern waters. When not privateering for plunder with pistols blazing, she writes YA fantasy, science fiction, and adventure. Sarah lives with her first mate and three ship’s cats in a hundred year old house in New Orleans. She is represented by Susan Hawk at The Bent Agency. 

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Twitter: @sarahtolcser
Instagram: @sarahtolcser

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