Meet new crew member Judi Lauren (a.k.a Lost Girl of the Dark Sea)


We have another new crew member to introduce! I'm thrilled to be interviewing one of our newest crew members Judi Lauren, a.k.a. Lost Girl of the Dark Sea!

A little about Judi:

This Lost Girl once dwelled in the Midwest and misses those winters. She’s now docked her ship in an area where thar be way too many bugs and green leaves durin’ December. She currently be savin’ all her doubloons for when she can hoist her anchor and set sail for her chosen city of treasures, New York. Though she became an official “adult” five years past, she still scribbles realistic books for teens that be exploring a darker side to the teenage years. She drew on her own experiences in life to spin her tales of woe. She roped bonny lass Tina Schwartz of The Purcell Agency into being her agent some months past. You can usually find her swabbin’ the decks at Entangled Publishing or at her own website. She loves to read any YA, NA, and adult books in her spare hours. She has an unnatural obsession wit’ Chicago, Dean Winchester, and Friends (the TV show). Ye can connect with her on TwittArrr.

Jas Ketch: Welcome aboard Lost Girl! We are so excited to have you as part of our motley crew and since it's likely to be a rather long stint at sea, a  get a chance to know you better. For the folks at home, and those not yet a acquainted with Davy Jones, why don't you start by telling us all a little more about what you write?

Lost Girl: I scribble realistic contemporary books for teens that explore a darker side to the teenage years. I draw on my own experiences in life when writing. And I’m fond of angst. There’s nothing I like better than TORTURING MY CHARACTERS! And of course watching them survive and thrive through it all.

Jas Ketch:  Argggh!'ll fit right in with this motley crew of ne're-do-wells. Remind me not to cross you on the dark deck. *looks around shiftily* But enough about torture, let's talk nomenclature, how be it you came up with that bonny pirate moniker? 

Lost Girl: The name’s Lost Girl of the Dark Sea. And real pirates of the waters don’t divulge such personal particulars.

Jas Ketch:  Hah! Fair enough, fair enough. *backs off a little bit* Least we know you're a good one for keeping mum when mum's needed. How about an easier question? What's one word that sums you up? 

Lost Girl: Unbreakable

Jas Ketch: "Unbreakable", I like that! Plus it's a pretty good quality to have as a pirate if I do say so myself. But let's get down to the bones of the matter. You're setting sail for a looong voyage at sea--what books are coming with you in your knapsack?

Lost Girl: The Harry Potter series, I Hunt Killers trilogy by Barry Lyga, the Percy Jackson series, The Accident Season, anything by Susane Colosanti. I’m more drawn to contemporary realistic YA, but I also enjoy fantasy and paranormal at times.

Jas Ketch: Ahh, some great titles indeed. You'll definitely be adding to our pirate library. And yes, Pirates have Libraries....don't argue. But tell me, if worst comes to worst and you're stranded on a desert island, what are three things are a must-have while you're there?

Lost Girl: Oh I hate this question. Can I take my first mate? I’d take a fully charged iPod (earbuds included???), quill and ink set, and parchment. Can I have some bonus rum?

Jas Ketch: That's more than three lassie. Why is it that no pirate alive can count to THREE? But alright, we'll let you have the bonus rum. You might need it if you get writer's block, or you know, just need some rum. (We've all been there) But tell me, what you're looking forward to the most, now that ye be a Buccaneer?

Lost Girl: Definitely writing bootcamps. I participated in one last October and enjoyed it so much. There’s something very motivating about joining with other writers to reach goals.

Jas Ketch: Oh, I love me some Bootcamps! Great things have happened aboard during the Bootcamps. You have no idea...but you soon will. But on another note, and mind, I don't mean to get to personal, but I hear from the Captain that you're somewhat deadly. Hear it's one reason you're on the crew. Care to elaborate there?

Lost Girl: I’m a notorious plant killer. I don’t think there’s been a green thumb in my family since the Mayflower set sail. So this year marks an incredible feat. I’ve kept a bamboo plant alive for 12 whole months.

Jas Ketch: Plant killer, eh? Well, we'll let you know if we're attacked by a forest of kelp. Could come in handy. Anything else we should know?

Lost Girl: I’m obsessed with eighties music. If I were a DJ, I think that’s all I would let play on my station. Unfortunately my family is incredibly unsupportive. Whenever I attempt to play my music at club-sound level, they issue threats worthy of ten pirate crews.

Jas Ketch: Ahh, music! Soothes even the greatest of leviathans. If we come across the Kraken, your mad music skills might just save our lives. Which would DEFINITELY come in handy. Well, that about does it for my list - any last words you'd like to share?

Lost Girl: I’m so excited to be hoisting my anchor with the YA Buccaneers Crew!

Jas Ketch: We are so looking forward to having you as part of the crew! Welcome aboard Judi! (err...Lost Girl of the Dark Sea, sorry it's a bit of a mouthful) But I can't tell you how glad we are to have you aboard. And all you land lubbers out there should get her particulars below. I'm pretty certain she's a rising star in the literary world, not just a blood thirsty, plant-killing, Pirate!

To find out more about Judi, please use the interwebs (responsibly):

twitter: @judi_lauren

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