ENDURANCE: Five Minutes... Then Five Minutes More

Today's Guest Buccaneer is young adult author Tristina Wright, whose debut novel, 27 HOURS, will be published in fall 2017 from Entangled Teen.

Five Minutes... Then Five Minutes More

Bootcamps, NaNoWriMo, and other quick timeline writing projects can be incredibly useful for writers at all stage of the process. It can help you get used to a deadline. It can help you get the thoughts down on paper without letting your inner editor come online.

There are 24 usable hours in every day! Right?

Well, there’s sleep.

And maybe taking the kids to school.

And maybe a day job that doesn’t approve of writing on company time.

And maybe a commute.

And maybe picking up kids from school.

And maybe after-school activities.

And don’t forget making dinner.

And bedtime routines.

And before you know it, you’re sitting on the couch with a glass of wine eyeballing your silent computer with exhausted disdain.

No matter your day-to-day routine, part of the struggle is finding the time to get the words out. Even if you don’t have a day job. Even if you don’t have kids. Even if you think your crock pot is the greatest invention on the planet (it is, okay).

Combine this with a tight deadline and it’s easy to get stressed out about not having the time to write. However, if you rearrange your thinking just a tiny bit, you’ll find it. If your day is filled with Things Other Than Writing, your writing blocks aren’t so much blocks as they are crumbs.

Five minutes here. A few words while water is coming to a boil for spaghetti. Twenty minutes in the car line while waiting for school to get out. Ten minutes in the morning while you’re drinking coffee and waiting for everyone to finish getting ready. A half hour there on your lunch break. On your commute if you take the train.

For me personally, I don’t have a day job beyond taking care of two kids (which, arguably, is a full-time job in itself, thank you). So my writing time is done in bits and pieces between meals, between entertainment, during homework time, after bedtime.

Some days are better than others. Some days I get lots of words in. Some days I don’t get any. And that’s okay. I know my goal. I know what I’m capable of. I love this book and no one else can tell it like I can.

If your writing blocks aren’t blocks, don’t despair. Frustration will make it worse. Find your five minutes. Then find another five minutes. Then another five minutes. Even just a few words at a time will get the job done.

And now, I have to go make lunch for two wombfruit who are staring at me expectantly.

About the Author:

Tristina Wright is a blue-haired bisexual with anxiety and opinions. She’s also possibly a mermaid, but no one can get confirmation. She attended college in the Midwest where she was told she’d never be a writer, but she did it anyway. She writes science fiction and fantasy about queer teens who become heroes. She enjoys stories with monsters and kissing. One day, she met and married a geek who can build her new computers and make the sun shine with his smile. Most days, she can be found drinking far too much coffee from her favorite chipped mug and making up stories for her offspring, who keep her life hectic and unpredictable.

Still trying to figure out the mermaid thing.

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