Interview & Giveaway with DIG TOO DEEP author Amy Allgeyer

Next up on the list for our YAB author takeover, we've got the lovely and amazing, Amy Allgeyer -- author of the 2016 YA debut, DIG TOO DEEP, which released on April 1st!

I was lucky enough to spend a day with Amy, signing books all over Seattle, for the Barnes & Noble Teen Book Festival back in June -- she actually flew all the way out from Idaho to be there and I'm so glad she did! 

Amy is beautiful, wonderfully talented, and a joy to know in person and I'm so glad our paths have crossed -- I hope you enjoy getting to know her a little bit more!

A little about Amy:

The youngest of seven kids, Amy has been writing stories since she first learned to make her letters face the right way.  Her work has appeared in Family Fun, A Fly in Amber and Stories for Children. As an architect, she spends her days restoring hundred-year-old homes in Boise where she lives with her son, a feral house cat, and a fake owl named Alan. She hates chocolate, but loves vegetables. She also loves travelling to foreign lands and the smell of honeysuckle on humid Southern nights.  

Amy is represented by the lovely and amazing Danielle Chiotti of Upstart Crow Literary. 

And a little about her YA novel, DIG TOO DEEP:

With her mother facing prison time for a violent political protest, seventeen-year-old Liberty Briscoe has no choice but to leave her Washington, DC, apartment and take a bus to Ebbottsville, Kentucky, to live with her granny. There she can finish high school and put some distance between herself and her mother-- her 'former' mother, as she calls her. But Ebbottsville isn't the same as Liberty remembers, and it's not just because the top of Tanner's Peak has been blown away to mine for coal. Half the county is out of work, an awful lot of people in town seem to be sick, and the tap water is bright orange--the same water that officials claim is safe to drink. When Granny's lingering cold turns out to be something much worse, Liberty is convinced the mine is to blame, and starts an investigation that quickly plunges her into a world of secrets, lies, threats, and danger. Liberty isn't deterred by any of it, but as all her searches turn into dead ends, she comes to a difficult decision: turn to violence like her former mother or give up her quest for good.

And here's the awesome trailer for DIG TOO DEEP:

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And now on to our interview:

Erin L. Schneider / Captain E. Hook: What was a favorite scene or moment in DIG TOO DEEP for you to write?

Amy Allgeyer: I don’t want to spoil it by giving away what happens, so I’ll just say “The scene where Liberty breaks her finger”. Because I’ve never gotten to do what she did, no matter how many times I’ve wanted to!  And what brought the biggest challenge? Writing the scene where Granny tells Lib the starfish story was incredibly tough. I cried the whole time I was writing it because it reminded me so much of taking care of my mom the week before she died.

ELS / CEH:  Now that you've officially debuted, if you could go back and tell yourself something about your publishing journey, what would it be?

AA: Start writing your next book the second you get an offer. It doesn’t get easier the longer you wait. In fact, going through edits and publicity questionnaires will make you doubt every word you put on the paper.

ELS / CEH: The YA Buccaneers primarily caters to writers in all phases of the journey to publication -- what advice would you give those that want to publish their first YA novel?

AA: Be prepared not to give up. And be prepared to do that repeatedly. It could take years. It could take decades. And you’ll have to ‘not give up’ again. And again. And again. To help with this, surround yourself with supportive writer friends. Not giving up is a lot easier when people are cheering you on or kicking you in the butt.

ELS / CEH: What book(s) can currently be found on your bedside table? 

AA: Right now, I’m beta-reading a MG manuscript by K.C. Held (author of HOLDING COURT), but the next book on my TBR pile is LIFE BEFORE, by Michele Bacon.

ELS / CEH: Any chance you can share what you're working on next? We'd love to hear what you have in store for us!

AA: My WIP is a giant mess right now, but basically, it’s a contemporary YA that explores manipulative relationships, lies, and why guys can get away saying and doing stuff that we can’t.

Flash round:

Favorite author of all-time?  It’s not very original, but I have to say JK Rowling. Rereading Harry Potter is like comfort food for my brain.
Hard cover or ebook?  Hard cover. The only time I read digitally is if I’m critiquing someone’smanuscript.
Favorite writing snack?  Birthday cake Oreos and Cherry Coke Zero.
Plotter or Pantser? Very much a plotter!
Favorite 2016 Book So Far (debut or other)? The Serpent King, Jeff Zentner

A huge thank you to Amy for doing this interview! And don't forget to enter the rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win an autographed hardcover copy + bookmark of DIG TOO DEEP (us only)!