Guess what's coming ...

The YA Buccaneers Fall Writing Bootcamp is coming! Be sure to stop by on Thursday, August 21st to sign up! This bootcamp is FREE, open to all writers, and you can work on any project. Join us! 

You might have heard us whispering (okay, not whispering) talking about this on Twitter, but in case you missed it:

Our 2016 Fall Writing Bootcamp is coming!

Sign ups will open this week on Thursday, August 25th and we'll have all the juicy details you'll need to have a successful bootcamp. We have some awesomeness in store for you! 

If you're not familiar with out bootcamps, they are FREE writing challenges, and are open to any writer working on any writing project. We help you crush your writing goals, and have fun while doing it. Sounds great, right? (Hint: IT IS!)

Check back here on Thursday to sign up! 

(p.s. Who else is excited?!!?!)